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Q. When was Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (M&T Bank) incorporated?
Q. Where is M&T located?
Q. What is M&T's ticker symbol?
Q. Are Manufacturers and Traders and Trust Company and First Empire State Corporation stock certificates still valid?
Q. Where is M&T traded?
Q. Who is M&T's transfer agent?
Q. Does M&T have a dividend reinvestment plan and how can I participate?
Q. Does M&T offer a direct stock purchase plan and how can I participate?
Q. Who do I contact with questions about my stock (transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account, replace a lost stock certificate, etc.)?
Q. How can I check or make changes to my Computershare account?
Q. Does M&T Bank Corporation pay a cash dividend?
Q. When has M&T's stock split?
Q. Who has M&T acquired in the past?
Q. Who are the financial analysts that cover M&T?
Q. What are M&T Bank's current credit ratings?
Q. When is M&T Bank Corporation's next earnings announcement?
Q. Does M&T participate in any webcasts or presentations?
Q. When and where is M&T Bank Corporation's Annual Meeting of Shareholders?
Q. Where can I find more financial information?
Q. Who can I contact for more shareholder information?
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