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M&T Bank Corporation has adopted standards, policies and procedures for all aspects of corporate governance. Among the areas addressed are Director qualifications and responsibilities, Board committee charters, corporate disclosure policy, controls and procedures regarding financial reporting and disclosure, and separate codes of ethics for all employees and senior financial officers.

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Corporate Governance Standards   PDF   44.9 KB  
Disclosure and Regulation FD Policy   PDF   64.9 KB  
Executive Committee Charter   PDF   15.6 KB  
Nomination, Compensation, and Governance Committee Charter   PDF   33.6 KB  
Audit Committee Charter   PDF   40.9 KB  
Risk Committee Charter   PDF   35.9 KB  
Financial Reporting and Disclosure Controls and Procedures Policy   PDF  141.3 KB  
Code of Ethics for CEO and Senior Financial Officers   PDF   20.9 KB  
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics   PDF   54.8 KB  
Employee Complaint Procedures for Accounting and Auditing Matters   PDF   22.6 KB  
Excessive or Luxury Expenditures Policy   PDF   37.2 KB  

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